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  • Elon Musk admits he does this, but it's a terrible idea
    Quote of the day in USC News This Week: “As a sleep doctor, this is kind of the opposite of how we are trying to train the next generation of entrepreneurs.” — USC sleep expert Raj Dasgupta on Elon Musk saying he sleeps on the Tesla factory floor, in Inc.
  • USC Viterbi meets “Game of Thrones”
    What if new USC Viterbi research centers were re-imagined as great houses from the HBO hit series? With unique heraldry, words, legends, etc. — just a little less dynastic violence. Read more
  • The Science of Sleep
    From neuroscientists to engineers, USC researchers delve into what happens during slumber—and how to help us get more of it. Read more
  • A Good Night's Sleep
    Krishna Nayak, Michael Khoo and Sally Ward develop revolutionary new tools to see inside the airway of pediatric sleep apnea patients. Read more